I would like to invite you for my online piano course. During this course I will teach you:

  • the correct piano playing technique

  • the music notes both in the treble and the bass clef

  • all types of notes, like whole notes, half notes, time signature, etc

  • to play smoothly with both hands together

  • dynamic terms and articulation signs

After this course you will be able to read and play easy and intermediate music sheets, without anyone's help. You will be able to read and play the music you like.

The online course consists of 16 videos and additional materials. The total price is only $ 39. Immediately after the payment for the course, you will receive the access to all the piano course materials for an unlimited period of time.

The course consists of:

  • 7 theoretical lessons with additional videos with exercises to do after the lessons

  • 5 practical lessons where we practice selected piano compositions

This course is planned for 3 months of intensive learning but the access to all the materials and videos is unlimited so you may come back to the course as often as you need.

The price of 39$ includes: immediate and unlimited access to all 16 films and additional materials.

Invitation for the piano course:


The 1st free lesson of the piano course available here:


Course details:

Theoretical lessons cover the following topics:

  1. Correct piano playing technique:

    • I will show you how the fingers, the wrists and the arms should work. We will do some exercise so that your hands are not tensed and well balanced.

  2. Notes in the treble clef:

    • I will teach you the notes in the treble clef - I will introduce a few notes, then we will work together to be sure that you remember all the notes in the treble clef - their position on the staff and on the keyboard.

  3. Notes in the bass clef:

    • I will teach you the notes in the bass clef - just as with the treble clef, I will introduce a few notes first, and then by practicing together, you will learn all the notes of the bass clef both on the staff and on the keyboard.

  4. Playing with both hands together:

    • I will help you to play both hands together. I will give you some pieces of advise and we will do many exercises together so that you play smoothly with both hands.

  5. Tonality and scales; a sharp, a flat and a natural sign:

    • You will learn what the tonality and scales are. I will teach you how to read additional signs such as a sharp, a flat and a natural sign. You will learn about the key signature and signs in front of a note (an accidental). We will do many exercises together to practise playing the notes with sharps, flats and natural signs.

  6. Time signature and duration of notes:

    • I will teach you the rules of the duration of notes, such as: whole notes, half notes, etc, dotted notes, rest signs and so on. You will learn how to understand the meter and time signature. We will pracise how to play notes with counting.

  7. Dynamic and articulation marks:

    • In this lesson we will add the dynamics and articulation to our playing. You will learn the meaning of many dynamic and articulation terms (such as piano, forte, mf, mp, fff, ppp, crescendo, diminuendo, slurs, dots and many more), as well as the way to interpret them in practice.

To each of the topics you will find numerous exercises.

Theoretical part of the course consists of 7 main videos, each of them with an average length of 30 minutes, plus additional “homework” videos to practice after the lessons.

Practical lessons consist of beautiful compositions that we work on together: with my list of items to do and to check, you work on the music sheet for the following compositions:

  • Bourrée - Ch. Graupner

  • The Skaters’ Waltz - E. Waldteufel

  • Lullaby - J. Brahms

  • Waltz in a minor -J. Ivanovici

  • Adagio - T. Albinoni

For each of the compositions there is a video presenting my interpretation and additional comments.

The practical part of the course consists of 5 films, each of them of an average length of 15 minutes.